Saturday, February 16, 2019
Happening Now

Putnam County Courthouse Under Construction

Construction on the Putnam County Courthouse is currently underway as crews look to make necessary updates.

County Executive Randy Porter said the project was needed for the aging building.

“We’re doing some needed repairs and maintenance work on the outside to the big columns,” Porter said, “putting sealer and new coats of paint, and some repairs to it, trying to get everything fixed up and make the outside look good.”

Porter said the total construction cost of the project will be approximately $48,000.

“It’s a 118-year-old building and being the center of our county and the history of our county, we’ll make sure it looks good,” Porter said. “We’ll go through and try and get the outside of the building to where it’s pretty much maintenance free as we go forward.”

Porter said the project will likely take about two weeks. Crews began work Wednesday morning on the front of the courthouse facing East Spring Street.