Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Putnam County Audit Saw One Minor Finding With School System

One finding in the Putnam County annual audit.

The county audit committee discussed the finding at its Thursday morning meeting. County Commissioner Ben Rodgers said that the Putnam County School System had a minor issue in its audit report.

“You got to bid out projects that are over $25,000 and one project turned into a couple more projects of the same,” Rodgers said. “Which was basically redoing some gym floors. So instead of one being under the bid limit of $25,000, it ended up being two or three, and that went over $25,000. Well, you have to bid that out.”

Rodgers said that it’s simply a mistake and a reminder to do better on the next one. He said that the schools always do a great job, and that this was simply a minor oversight.

Rodgers said that there are no major consequences when it comes to a finding of this nature.

“The audit wants to be clear with the audit committee what the finding is and why it happened and what to do to fix it,” Rodgers said. “And the schools already know how to fix it. They know to bid out anything that’s over $25,000.”

Rodgers said that apart from that one finding, the county had a really good audit.