Thursday, February 27, 2020
Happening Now

Putnam Commission To Consider Property Tax Refunds

Two Putnam County property owners may be getting a property tax refund.

County Attorney Jeff Jones said both owners have gone through the appropriate appeal process.

“When you receive an assessment from the assessor of property, if you don’t agree with the assessment value, then you appeal to the County Board of Equalization,” Jones said. “If you don’t like the value that the County Board of Equalization has put on it, then the next level is to the State Board of Equalization where you actually have a trial in front of a judge. That’s what this was.”

The refund amount totals $5,964, with $2,107 going to Roy Gaw and $3,847 to Wilmoth Properties.

The Putnam County Commission will consider the refunds during next week’s meeting. If approved, the refund amount would be taken from the eight county government funds that receive property tax dollars.

The Putnam County Fiscal Review Committee recommended approval of the refund during Monday’s meeting.