Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Putnam School Board Wants To Explore Sales Tax Change

The Putnam County School Board is interested in exploring a change in the way sales taxes fund the school system.

Currently, schools are operating on a flat sales tax rate. Chairman Lynn McHenry said that in switch from a flat rate to a percentage rate, it would be an opportunity to see an increase in revenue.

“It will give us a set percentage which means the sales tax growth increases throughout the county, that the schools themselves will see a growth in that percentage of money we see from that sales tax,” McHenry. “So opportunities–if the county is growing, which it is for sure–then we could see an increase in our budget.”

The flat tax rate was originally put in place during the 2008 recession to aid the school system’s budget. McHenry said it was beneficial for a number of years as it aided in capital projects the county took on. McHenry said that now, as the capital project are getting caught up, the school system would benefit more from the percentage tax rate.

McHenry said that the good relationship between the Putnam County School Board members and commissioners allows for open communication about issues of this nature.

“We plan on trying to keep that communication line open and continue to work with them,” McHenry said. “We have to work together for the best of the community and that is something we have as a priority and I think we can do that.”

Commissioners Budget Chair Ben Rodgers said last month he would be interested in exploring such a change with the county commissioners. McHenry said he looks forward to further exploring this option with the commissioners and the rest of the school board.