Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Happening Now

Putnam Co. To Purchase Property For New Fire Stations

Putnam County Commissioners voted Monday night to purchase property for three new fire stations.

“There’s a new station going in the 10th district down in the Gainesboro Grade County Farm Road area,” County Executive Randy Porter said. “We’re moving the station in Monterey out of the city limits and putting a new one up on Clarkrange Highway to better serve that end of the county and cover more folks.”

The county will also build another fire station on Highway 70 in the eastern end of the county.

“This should increase the fire protection on the eastern end of the county and get it out of the city limits of Monterey,” Porter said. “We’re going to use that space to expand our rescue and emergency management and emergency services building in Monterey.”

Porter said the new stations and the expanded emergency services buildings will help decrease response times in the area.

“They’ll be able to have more vehicles up there ,” Porter said. “That puts two stations instead of just one so it should decrease response time to a lot of the residents that live in that area.”

The price for the three parcels of property will not exceed $25,000 each.