Saturday, June 12, 2021
Happening Now

Putnam Co. Pre-K Accepting Applications

Putnam County Pre-K program is accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year starting July 30th.

Pre-K through 4th grade Supervisor Jill Ramsey said she encourages parents to enroll their children in pre-k instead of daycare, because they learn skills that set them up for success in kindergarten.

“Pre-K is much more specific in the skills that we’re trying to teach kids not just academically like sounds they hear in the language, but also just executive functioning skills–you know being organized, being responsible,” Ramsey said.

This year, they will also be opening up applications to income eligible three-year-olds as well. Ramsey said that they can accept children all the way up until the last month of school, so if a family is on the waitlist don’t be discouraged.

“A lot of times, after school starts we’re able to get those kiddos in a spot in a spot somewhere,” Ramsey said. “Usually families choose their top three spots or locations and we try to accommodate their first choice, but if that fills up then we’ll go to their second or third choice.”

Ramsey said the sooner a family applies, the sooner they can get off the waitlist and get into the program. Ramsey said she hopes parents will take the opportunity to enroll their kids a great program.

“If kids aren’t exposed to a lot of vocabulary in a deep, rich, oral language exposure, they’re going to struggle in the very beginning to learn to read because those are prerequisite skills for learning to read,” Ramsey said.

For more information, families can either visit the Putnam County Schools website or call the office.