Friday, October 7, 2022
Happening Now

Putnam Ag Extenstion Office Holding Open House For Public

The Putnam County Agriculture Extension Office is celebrating its return to open doors and full business hours Tuesday.

County Director Michelle Parrott said it is an exciting time to reengage the community while doors for closed during the pandemic.

Parrott said that from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM when people stop by, they will get a token of appreciation for supporting the office.

“We do have a small, little gift for those individuals that come by,” Parrott said. “But if they’ve got any questions they would like answered. Lawn related, home buying related, nutrition related, the 4-H youth program, the summer camps that will be going on will be there.”

Parrott said the only request is for guests to use the entrance facing the fairgrounds at the 900 South Walnut Avenue office. She said the timing is perfect for an open house as we enter the summer and more outdoor questions are there needing an answer.

“Canning season will be upon us very soon, so if you’ve got some canning questions or a canner lid you want tested. You can bring that by,” Parrott said. “Our ag agent will be there if you need a soil test or you need soil test boxes. If you wanna go back and get those items, we’ll have that for you. 4-H summer camps, all of those going on and then we’ve got some great recipes with our nutrition program.”

The Putnam County Agriculture Extension Office will be open to the public. Anyone who does not want to come in person, can still utilize the offices services by phone at (931) 526-4561.