Friday, July 19, 2024
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Putnam ACT Testing Set To Begin; How Can You Prepare?

ACT Retesting takes place across over the Upper Cumberland over the next several weeks and local high school students are busy preparing.

Putnam County Data and Testing Supervisor Jason Stickler said students who are relaxed and well-rested perform higher. Strickler said the biggest thing students can do to prepare themselves is just to practice.

“I know that preparing for assessments can be challenging sometimes because of the unknown,” Stickler said. “But I think going back to the basics of just making sure that we are relaxed and prepared for the testing environment, and just making sure that we’re not going in unprepared.”

Stickler said he recommends parents and students check out the ACT Dot Org website. Stickler said students can find guides to use as well as estimates regarding question length and times allotted.

“I think one of the things that we see most is either rushing through assessments and not being prepared going in,” Stickler said. “Maybe just taking for granted, maybe or relying on what just has been taught in school and not preparing ourselves for the actual ACT.”

Stickler said that students can manage their stress while preparing for the ACT by communicating with school staff.

“I think taking advantage of the resources that are available at their school, talking to their content teachers, English teachers, math teachers, their senior advisors and their counselors,” Stickler said. “And just making sure their having those conversations going into the ACT test prepared.

Stickler said that Putnam Schools provides a program to students called CERT that administers practice tests for students. Stickler said that Putnam County Schools is trying to help students score at least a 21 across the county. Stickler said senior school advisors are going to be meeting with students to prepare for the administration of the ACT.