Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Putnam 911 Requesting Information To Upgrade Radio System

Putnam County 911 has started the search for price estimates to upgrade its 911 radio system.

Assistant Director Brandon Smith said the current system is aging and shows limitations.

“So, we’ve been working with a accessing with a technical working group from all of the agencies that use the public safety radio system in Putnam County and have been accessing different vendor demonstrations and what possibilities are out there.”

Smith said the department will send out a requests for information to compatible vendors. Smith said prices and gear capabilities will determine the next steps.

“The demands on the system have changed just as the demand on each one of our agencies have changed and the system is reaching the end of its life period where it needs to be replaced or upgraded anyway,” Smith said. “There is new technology out there and new opportunities as we look at replacing the radio system to potential provide better service and better coverage.”

All Putnam public safety agencies currently work through the same radio system that was implemented in 2008.