Friday, December 2, 2022
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Push For Virgin Falls To Become A State Park Remains

The push for Virgin Falls to become a state park remains a priority for some state officials.

Sparta White County Chamber of Commerce President Marvin Bullock said the effort may seem slow, but through his communications, the designation is still very much alive.

“This is a pretty big undertaking to create a state park,” Bullock said. “Our’s is unique in that we are hoping it will become the state’s first recognized wilderness state park. That means it is not going to have the hotels, golf courses or swimming pools.”

Bullock said the county wants to keep the land complete wilderness and allow the private sector to provide amenities around the park. Bullock said it is a new concept that has not been approved by the state in the past.

“From what I can tell, it is still a goal,” Bullock said. “There are questions still coming up and some of the questions have been directed towards me for instance. From my understanding it is still proceeding.”

Bullock said he encourages local residents to continue calling your state representatives to make the state park happen. Bullock said the designation would be a big sales tax boost for Sparta as well any other areas on the way.

The White County Commission passed a resolution asking legislators to make Virgin Falls a state park in early 2021. The request did not receive funding by the General Assembly.