Thursday, October 21, 2021
Happening Now

Prices On Extra Sparta Weather Sirens Over Budget, Project To Be Discussed

The installation of a third Sparta weather siren will not happen this fiscal year as price quotes came in over budget.

A sound study showed a need for more volume to make the siren louder. City Administrator Brad Hennessee said the project will be up for discussion again in the coming months for the next budget season.

“The louder the better, but right now, we are reaching them with what we feel like is an acceptable level,” Hennessee said. “We would like to improve it, but we can live with what we have for now.”

Hennessee said the city anticipated a third siren to cost $20,000, but the price tag was some $70,000. Hennessee said installing two smaller sirens was also explored but that price also exceeded budget.

“When we reached out to vendors and looked at what options we had to improve those, there are several options, but they’re pretty expensive,” Hennessee said. “It’s more than what we can take on after starting the budget year.”

Hennessee said all homes and businesses within city limits are in the coverage range. The sound study parameters were based on what areas do not reach 70 decibels. Hennessee said the area near the exit ramps at Highway 70 on Bockman Way does not meet that, but the siren is still audible.