Saturday, May 15, 2021
Happening Now

Pleasant Hill Community Center Hit Hardest By Thursday Tornado

Emergency crews spent Friday assessing the aftermath of Thursday’s EF-0 tornado.

EMA Director Travis Cole said the Pleasant Hill Community Church’s Community Center suffered the most damage.

“It is directly across the road from the elementary school, which put it in the direct path of the tornado,” Cole said. “The church itself was minor damage. They have a Pleasant Hill Community Center that sustained what I call major damage to the roof of it. It is still standing, but it’s going to take some pretty extensive repairs.”

Cole said the elementary school has some structure damage on the two story portion of the building. Cole said the roof and three classrooms were also affected.

“They got crews working on that today,” Cole said.

Cole said overall, he considers total residential damage to be minimal with less than a dozen homes harmed. No major injuries were reported after the tornado.

“In this case, nobody had any warnings, so there was no watches or warnings from the weather service,” Cole said. “There was no time for activating the Pleasant Hill tornado sirens, because there was no warning out. We tell everybody to be vigilant and have several ways of getting notified of these warnings, but in this case you don’t get a warning at all.”