Friday, August 12, 2022
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Pickett K-8’s Computer Lab Recycling Ink, Toner Cartridges For Fundraising

Pickett K-8’s computer lab is continuing its printer ink and toner recycling program.

Computer Lab Teacher Nikki Cooksey said that the program also serves as a fundraiser for her students.

“A mixture of programs, things that we might want to subscribe to that would benefit the students that they can use,” Cooksey said. “Even materials and equipment within the classroom. We’re always buying paper, headphones, that kind of thing.”

Cooksey said that the fundraiser has gone on for about four years now. She said that it’s brought in about $300 each year.

“So I take the donations, I have a couple of different companies that I work with that I can send them in to, and I actually do get paid for those,” Cooksey said. “Depends on the cartridge and I guess the need at that time, it varies, but it usually brings in a nice little amount for our classroom.”

Cooksey said that it’s a great way to not only help the students get additional classroom materials, but it also helps the environment.

“I know a lot of people do trash their cartridges, and if you are trashing them, why not save them up for us and let us get some benefit out of that for our classroom,” Cooksey said. ” It’s just a great contribution to our community and, like I said, it saves them from going to the landfill.”

Cooksey said if you’re interested in helping out the program, you can call the school at 931-864-3496 or message the school’s Facebook page. She said you can drop them off at the school or if you’re unable, she sometimes will go pick them up.