Thursday, March 23, 2023
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PCSS To Replace Avery Trace Gym Floor After Water Damage

Avery Trace Middle School to replace its gym floor after suffering water damage.

Putnam County Schools Deputy Director Tim Martin said this comes as a result of a water pipe bursting in the middle of the night earlier this year. He said they had thought they cleaned everything up to avoid long-term damage.

“But unfortunately that wasn’t the case,” Martin said. “So a  few weeks went by and a lot of the boards started popping up and were warping, so we’re probably going to have to replace the entire gym floor.”

Martin said the cost of the project will cost some $80,000. He said it will be covered by the school’s insurance.

Martin said the school has asked the project not to begin until after school lets out for the summer. He said the warped floor has had the most impact on sports played in the gym, but they have worked to alleviate the worst of it.

“It’s not in as good of shape as they’d like it to be but we’ve done a lot of work on that,” Martin said. “We’ve removed individual boards, put some screws in it to where htey can play on it this season.”