Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Happening Now

PCSO Honors Attorneys Jones, Rader For Service

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office recognized two if its attorneys prior to Monday’s County Commission meeting.

Sheriff Eddie Farris said Attorneys Dan Rader and Jeff Jones have always been available to help his department.

“They’re always available day and night,” Farris said. “I know Jeff’s called me back before on a cross-country motorcycle trip, and Dan’s called me not long ago at the ski slopes in Colorado. They both understand when we call, we’re needing some help and they’ve both been very very good to us.”

Farris said both Jones and Rader have proved to be valuable assets to the county.

“The jail is one of our biggest liabilities in the county, probably the biggest,” Farris said. “Both of these fellas have saved us a ton of money over the years and they are certainly well worth everything we pay them. Sometimes we probably don’t pay them enough.”

Jones has served as Putnam County’s attorney since 1996, while Rader has helped Cookeville and Putnam County for over 40 years.