Monday, May 29, 2023
Happening Now

Parkview School Plans Being Reviewed By State Fire Marshal’s Office

The Putnam County School Board has submitted the plans for the new Parkview School to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for review.

The state office falls under the State Department of Commerce & Insurance. Communications Director Kevin Walters said inspectors will review the plans for building and fire safety items.

“On average, a plan review takes about 14 days but that is an average,” Walters said. “A larger school may take longer. A smaller school may take less time.”

Walters said inspectors will look over items such as construction materials, building size, number of exits, corridor widths, fire sprinkler and alarm system. Walters said before construction, all school plans must meet minimal codes adopted by the state and local entities.

“We take these steps to ensure that the students, teachers and families all have as much safety whenever they are in that school as possible,” Walters said.

Walters said after the building is completed, one more inspection of the building occurs to ensure the plan was followed. Walters said the biggest addition to building codes over the years are radio systems to ensure emergency personnel have coverage inside the building.