Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Happening Now

Parkview Elementary Students Take Part In School Name Survey

Parkview Elementary students have been active in the survey to collect names for the new Putnam Southwest School.

Assistant Principal Casey Garrison said that some responses have been very creative.

“We have everything from Rockets and Panthers to Tigers,” Garrison said. “We have Scorpions, and Unicorns, and Sharks, so if you can imagine it, we’ve probably had it on one of our forms.”

Garrison said that while there have been silly, creative submissions, there have also been some solid recommendations as well. She said that students have put a lot of thought into their submissions.

Both Garrison and Principal Bobby Winningham said that this survey allows students to have ownership when it comes to this decision.

“We just hope that they feel that ownership,” Winningham said. “They get to go through the process of electing a name for the school. So we’re hoping they gain some fun out of it and how this process might work sometimes when it comes to elections through the naming process.”

For those who missed responding to the survey, Garrison said that the school will host a community meeting to get even more input. She said that meeting will be held on January 27th.