Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Park Managers Emphasize Water Safety Following Drowning Cases

Local park managers are emphasizing water safety following two separate drowning incidents in the area.

Both incidents occurred on Saturday, May 12, with one involving 19-year-old man in Murfreesboro, and the other a 14-year old boy in Cherokee County, AL.

Cummins Falls State Park Manager, Ray Cutcher, said to always be prepared when going out on the water.

“If you’re getting into natural waters, you definitely need to have a lifejacket on and one that fits well,” Cutcher said. “I think that’s the most important thing.”

Kenny Gragg manages Edgar Evans State Park. He stressed the importance of wearing a lifejacket, no matter the person’s abilities.

“People should always have their lifejackets,” Gragg said. “I don’t care about how confident they are in their abilities, you never know what can happen on the water.”

Gragg warns visitors of Edgar Evans of jumping off high ledges when swimming.

“It is an unknown what is in that water and below there,” Gragg said. “It is not a safe practice at all.”

Cutcher reminds those enjoying the warm weather to stay hydrated while doing so.

“Don’t get to the point where you’re dehydrated and getting tired and weak,” Cutcher said. “Be conscious of getting out in the heat and getting overstressed.”

Cutcher said Cummins Falls faces more swimmers, while Gragg said Edgar Evans sees more boaters.