Sunday, June 26, 2022
Happening Now

Overton Working on New County Website With New Features

Overton County will soon have a new website for residents to use.

County Executive Ben Danner said through a $25,000 3-star grant, the county partnered with Tennessee Tech University to design the site.

“It will be a tremendous asset for the people of this county, because the website that we have now really doesn’t give any information,” Danner said. “Most counties have already redone their website and made it more user friendly. As many people that we have moving in and as many people we have doing business at home, this would be a tremendous bonus.”

Danner said the new website would have meeting agendas, an event calendar and several links useful for county business. Danner said the university will also train some county employees on how to regularly update the site.

“We can change things out ourselves,” Danner said. “So that would make it a lot more user friendly and in the long run save the county money, so we can make the changes ourselves. The one we got is just a dinosaur of webites.”

Danner said the website would be under the same address. It should roll out sometime over the next several weeks.

“We’re just waiting on the domain transfer,” Danner said. “Other than that, we are ready to do that.”