Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

Overton To Gear FDs With Mini Pumper Trucks With Grant

Overton County will purchase 12 mini pumpers to bolster its fire departments-one for each in the county.

County Executive Ben Danner said the smaller vehicles will allow for quicker response to more rural areas.

“When I was talking to the fire departments, a really big need for them was mini pumper trucks, because everybody in the fire department can’t drive the big tanker and a lot of times they can put out a fire with a smaller truck,” Danner said.

While some $420,000 from a state grant will pay the majority of the cost, Danner said the county will likely need to add $200,000. Danner said the newest pumper truck the county owns dates to 1999. Danner said the purchase could also help with local insurance rates.

“I think it can,” Danner said. “It would help response time. Two years in a row we have applied for this. Locally the state put some ARP funds from the COVID money coming down to help pay for some of these grants.”

Danner said the county wants to buy new 3/4 ton or 1 ton trucks with a utility bed. Then, install a mini pumper in the back of the vehicle.

“If we can find the vehicles, which we’re looking right now,” Danner said. “Right now is a bad time to get new vehicles, because of the shortage. We’re looking hopefully in the next few months maybe to be able to try and find all of them.”