Monday, June 27, 2022
Happening Now

Overton Schools New Maintenance Workflow System Seeing Success

Overton Schools getting increased productivity with its new maintenance workflow system implemented this year.

Transportation and Maintenance Supervisor Steve Mosley said that before the new system, maintenance requests were faxed. He said that the newly digitized version helps to streamline the process.

“So when a school has an issue, the administrator of that building can get online and submit a work order and it comes directly to my phone,” Mosley said. “And then from there, I can get that out to my maintenance guys. And we get things done a lot quicker that way.”

Mosley said that the system also creates a digital trail. He said that the digital trail helps to consolidate what work has been done at each school.

Mosley said having it consolidated helps to flag recurring issues as well. He said having that knowledge gives the maintenance staff a better handle on what is going on at the school.