Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Happening Now

Overton Schools Introducing New Careers To Students Through Grants

Overton County Schools received several grants amounting to $60,000 to expand CTE and STEM opportunities at several schools.

CTE Director Leslie Riddle said Livingston Academy getting about $9,000 to continue its school-based enterprise called Wildcat Wake-Up Coffee Shop.

“We’ve already had it a few years, but it will continue that and grow that,” Riddle said. “It gives students the opportunity to work on the marketing side and the business side of it and produce the product that is sold at the school.”

Riddle said five other Elementary and Middle Schools getting funding. Riddle said Allons Elementary will start a screen printing business to sell t-shirts. Riddle said Wilson Elementary will start a new robot program for students.

Riddle credits the variety of programs as the reason why the state selected the schools. Riddle said only 29 lower grade schools and seven high schools received grants statewide.

“We’re doing a better job in education now of career exploration in the middle school ages and opening doors for children to see the different professions out there,” Riddle said.

Rickman Elementary and Hilham Elementary the other schools rewarded. Riddle said those grants will be used for STEM learning kits and virtual reality science.