Friday, December 2, 2022
Happening Now

Overton School Messaging System Sending Out Confirmation Texts

Overton County parents that signed up for school text alerts during online registration will receive a confirmation text that requires a response.

Technology Supervisor Brent Thrasher said the message is not spam.

“We had some parents that had called in and they were just concerned,” Thrasher said. “It can get confused with spam. There is a lot of scams going out these days. We just wanted to reassure parents that this is something that does come from the school messaging system.”

Thrasher said the system will send a text message if you want to enroll in school messages. Thrasher said you can opt-in or out. Thrasher said messaging is used to quickly share school news such as closures to families.

“The school messenger platform is a great way to quickly send out information,” Thrasher said. “We’ve had it for several years.”

Thrasher said you can contact central office to opt-in.