Friday, December 2, 2022
Happening Now

Overton Health And Rehab Implements New Pay Schedule For Nurses

Overton County Health and Rehab has increased base pay for its nursing department.

Public Relations Director Scott Stevens said the facility’s board passed the raises to help in recruiting efforts.

“It is challenging, and we’re not unique at Overton County Health and Rehab,” Stevens said. “I think all of our rehabs and hospitals are in the same boat. Some people that were in nursing have just been fatigued over the past couple years of the pandemic with an extra workload on them and some of them are getting out of this career.”

Stevens said a goal of the raises is to keep local workers in the region. Stevens said a steady supply of new recruits graduate each year from TCAT, Vol State or Tennessee Tech.

“We have a lot that enter into nursing careers,” Stevens said. “It is just them getting graduated and seeing if they’ll stick in the Upper Cumberland or go somewhere else.”

Stevens said Certified Nurse Assistants now make $14 an hour. Licensed Practical Nurses earn $19.50. Registered Nurses get $28. Stevens said the wages were based on other local facilities.

“It has just went into affect,” Stevens said. “So it is current, and we’re also going to be looking at our support staff positions, as well.”

Stevens said the raises also come with opportunities to make more money by working weekends.