Friday, January 21, 2022
Happening Now

Overton Declines Retail Consultant, City To Consider Full Price Tag

Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes said Overton County will not pay half of the $30,000 price tag for a retail consultant.

“They’ve declined the decision to pay for the other half at this time,” Hayes said. “So the city council will be talking about this next Monday night on if they want to pick up the complete tab.”

Hayes said if the city of Livingston does hire the retail coach, work would be focused inside the city limits. Hayes said he has spoken to local businesses, and owners seem excited to take advantage of the service.

“There’s a couple of levels here as for reasons its makes sense as far as business retention and business expansion,” Hayes said. “We’re proud to bring in a retail consultant to help our small businesses in Livingston. The ones that want help.”

Hayes said the retail consultant would work individually with businesses on things such as marketing ideas or websites. At the same time, the position would identify areas in the community that could be homes for new businesses.

“It’s our hope some of our local businesses get on board with it,” Hayes said.

The Livingston Board of Aldermen approved paying for $15,000 of the one-year contract during its November meeting. Hayes said the retail consultant would report quarterly updates to the Board of Aldermen.