Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Happening Now

Overton County Still Waiting On FEMA For Flood Relief

Overton County has not yet been notified as to whether they will receive relief support following February’s severe flooding.

County Executive Ben Danner said the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) continues to evaluate damage from across the state.

“They’re still working on numbers. I don’t think we had enough [damage],” Danner said. “We’ve had a lot of individuals ask us and we didn’t have enough houses that got flooded, and I don’t think any county in the state did either.”

Danner said he and other officials across the state will try to work together and appeal to FEMA for any sort of relief.

“We’re looking at trying to put all of the ones in the state together, and see if FEMA will take that in… but we don’t know yet,” Danner said. “They’re still working on numbers so we’re looking to get some sort help from FEMA.”

Several areas across the county experienced severe flooding last month for multiple days due to heavy rainfall, including the Highway 111 and Highway 52 intersection in Livingston.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation began the bidding process Friday to repair Highway 85 along Cub Mountain in Overton County, which remains closed due to sliding.

The United States Department of Transportation announced Monday that $10 million in emergency funding would go towards repairing Tennessee roadways damaged in last month’s storms.