Thursday, May 28, 2020
Happening Now

Overton County Services Building Making Progress

Construction crews continue to make progress on the new county services building in Overton County.

County Executive Ben Danner said workers recently finished pouring the first floor of the building.

“They say by the end of the month they’re going to try to have all the metal up,” Danner said. “They’re on track for an August completion date and they’re hoping to have it dried in by this winter where they can work inside.”

Summer rain showers put the $2 million project two weeks behind schedule earlier this year. Danner said crews have managed to regain some ground and recently began installing plumbing for the building.

“The metal is coming up out of the ground now, so it’s looking more like a building now,” Danner said.

Overton County officials broke-ground on the new Millard V. Oakley Services Building in May with W&O Construction leading the project.