Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Overton Co. School Board To Vote On Support Staff Raises

The Overton County Board of Education will vote on support staff raises at its February meeting.

Members will have four options to increase the current pay scale. Five cents, six cents, 10 cents or 13 cents. Chairman Jarman Hicks said the last raise given dates back to 2013.

“It’s important to every family in Overton County to make as much money as they possibly can,” Hicks said. “With that said, the school board tries to be as frugal with tax payer money as possible while still providing good service, which ultimately means past employees.”

Member William Abston created the proposal. According to Abston, the pay scale will be retroactive based on a current employee’s time of service. For example, if an employee has worked for the school system 10 years, 10 years of raises would be added to their wages.

“The longevity is a factor in the proposal that Mr. Abston brought out,” Hicks said. “A long term employee would ultimately receive a bigger incentive on this proposal.”

Raises cap at 15 years. Depending on which option is approved, the school’s payroll budget could increase anywhere from $204,000 to $491,000, according to Abston.

“This will be on next month’s agenda,” Hicks said. “There will be a few options the board can vote on. If any of these proposals do get voted forward, that pay scale will start beginning of the next school year.”

The school system currently pays about $3.5 million for support staff, according to Abston.