Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Overton Co. Accepting Applications For BOE Seat

The Overton County Commission is accepting applications to fill an available seat on the county’s board of education.

County Executive Ben Danner said people interested must have hard copies of the required documents and can apply at the county executive office.

“Requirements from the school board, you have to have a GED or a diploma and you have to be 18 and you have to live in the first district, which is the town of Livingston,” Danner said. “We will give everyone until Friday November 6th to turn their name in.”

The position was left vacant after school board member Dr. Diane Sadler passed away earlier this month. Danner said he waited to talk about filling the seat out of respect for her family.

“It is a sad day. Dr. Diane Sadler passed away, and she was a real asset for this county,” Danner said. “She really did a good job. A lot of times the school board there is a fuss back and fourth, but Diane came into that position with class. A real lost with this community.”

Danner said the county has already received multiple calls interested in the position before applications were available. The county commission will get a chance to speak with the applicants and vote to fill the position during its November meeting.

“We have had some county commissioners resign. We had one pass away. We have had to go through this process unfortunately four or five times in the last six years,” Danner said. “One of the county commission’s duty is to fill offices when an office holder passes away or resigns.”