Monday, June 27, 2022
Happening Now

Overton Budget Includes Raises, No Tax Increase

Overton County employees will get a raise and residents won’t see a tax increase next year.

The county commission approved the upcoming budget this week, giving employees a 3-percent raise.

Ben Danner is county executive in Overton County.

“We had some growth on the tax penny this year and we were able to give some raises to county employees so we can be competitive with other counties,” Danner said.

The property tax will remain the same as last year, holding steady at $2.25.

“We had over one hundred new houses built last year, which helps not having to raise taxes up” Danner said. “As long as the growth continues and the sales tax keeps rising, that will help keep the burden off the taxpayers.”

The budget also includes pay increases for sheriff’s department.