Thursday, October 21, 2021
Happening Now

Overton BOE To Review Emergency Closure Effects On Sport Events

Overton County School Board Member Mike Hayes wants to review the district’s policy for emergency school closures.

Hayes said school policy currently says if the system closes for inclement weather or other reasons, all extracurricular activities would be cancelled. But, Hayes said the high school principal makes the decision for TSSAA events.

“Some were kind of concerned that middle school didn’t get to play, but high school did get to go play,” Hayes said. “Where I think we need to look at that policy. I think we need to change the verbiage on that.”

Hayes said an option should be added for the middle school such as the athletic director being able to make the decision. Hayes said he wants the ruling to be consistent for all schools.

“If it is cancelled everything is cancelled, but I feel like it needs to be on a fair playing field for the middle school and high school,” Hayes said. “Whatever direction we want to go as a board, but I do think it needs to be updated.”

School Board Member Ricky Dodson said the policy review is something that could be looked at by the system’s attendance supervisor. Vice-Chairman Mike Gilpatrick said he also received calls from parents about the concern.

The two day school closure at Labor Day caused the matter to be discussed.