Saturday, May 15, 2021
Happening Now

Overton BOE Laying Ground Work Before Opening School Director Applications

The Overton County School Board wants to solidify its five-year strategic plan before opening applications for the director of schools position.

That is according to Board Chair Jarman Hicks. With a June 2022 deadline to permanently fill the position, Hicks said there is no rush.

“Everything that is going on in our schools right now as far as financially, the upgrades, the construction things going on, I don’t have a set time frame as of right now,” Hicks said. “It may be something that is looked at later on toward the end of this year to get started.”

Hicks said work on the strategic plan is something the board looks to start sometime this year. Whoever is hired as director would be responsible for implementation, Hicks said.

“With all the infrastructure updates we are trying to do and STEM certification for Livingston Academy, the board has not been in a big hurry to bring in someone else if that be the case,” Hicks said.

Donnie Holman, who has served as Interim Director since January, will be eligible to apply. Hicks said so far, Holman has done a great job leading the school system.