Thursday, October 21, 2021
Happening Now

Overton Ag Office Needs Public Input For Future Planning

The Overton County Ag Extension Office needs the community’s help planning events by next week.

Director Christina Swallows said their online survey helps gather ideas from outside their typical client base. She said that as the county continues growing, new people with new needs want programs that interest them.

“To get ideas of what programs they would like to see done,” Swallows said. “What are educational programs that are going to help the public in Overton County to improve their lives, improve their farms, improve their finances.”

Swallows said they have already looked at some of the survey results. She said so far the focus seems to be on youth programs and education on drug abuse.

Swallows said people can take the survey on the office Facebook page or by simply calling the office and telling them what they should offer.

“There’s all kinds of needs, because we have a drug coalition here, I haven’t done a lot with that,” Swallows said. “But I may partner up with them to see if we can join forces and tackle this problem together.

Swallows said that the ag office will have its own ideas about what people want. However, she said the office wants confirmation on the benefits and feedback on whether traditional programs could be expanded.