Monday, September 25, 2023
Happening Now

OCSD To Implement To Visitor Management System At All Schools

Overton County School System looking to implement a new visitor management system at all schools in the district.

Technology Supervisor Brent Thrasher said this comes as the latest purchase through the school system’s Safe Schools Grant. He said the system will screen visitors as they enter the school by scanning a photo I.D. using a system in the front entrance.

“It allows the schools to more efficiently handle visitors at the school and at the same time handle checks in case there’s any kind of flag or information about a person’s background,” “If there’s on a database with law enforcement then we would be alerted to that.”

Thrasher said the system is also compatible with the school system’s Skyward program. He said this will help attendance and record keepers with tardiness or early sign-outs.

Thrasher said the next step would be to put the software out to bid using the grant monies. He said they hope to get each school outfitted with the new system by the end of the year and ready to implement fully by next school year.

“One of our main focuses for the project is to have a better grasp of who’s in the building,” Thrasher said. “And if there’s any concerns about those who are visiting the building.”