Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Happening Now

New Verizon Pole To Bolster Service In Part Of Crossville

Verizon plans to install a small cell pole near the Cumberland County Justice Center and Cumberland Medical Center.

Verizon Wireless Representative Alex Brosky said the 4G capacity node will bolster service to the area.

“Our folks have identified this particular area as being overwhelmed with data usage, and so the small cell basically offloads the traffic from that particular cell and gives increased bandwidth and speeds,” Brosky said. “Everybody else that’s getting their coverage from the macrosite won’t be affected. In fact, they have improved coverage if this traffic is being offloaded on a small cell with a separate fiber line.”

The Crossville Planning Commission approved the application for the project during last month’s meeting. If approved by Crossville City Council, Brosky said Verizon will forward the recommendation to TDOT.

“When we locate a site that is on TDOT right-of-way, they have asked us to work with the jurisdictions to get location approval,” Brosky said. “That makes sense because you do have the ability to manage your streetscape and we want to make sure what we’re installing supports that.”

Verizon plans to install the 15-foot tower on South Main Street in front of the old high school.