Saturday, June 12, 2021
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New Derryberry Clock Tower Cupola Delivered In Late-June

The new Derryberry Hall cupola will be delivered to Tech’s campus by June 28.

Capital Projects Manager Bob Scarbrough said the old cupola will be removed two weeks before delivery. Scarbrough said that when you’re replacing a campus landmark there is little room for error.

“I try to take pride in my job no matter how big or small the project but this one is something that’s looked at by everybody,” Scarbrough said. “I’ve tried to really put in a little extra effort and pay even more attention to all the details and stuff when we were reviewing the shop drawings and approving things. We’re trying to make sure it’s an exact replica.”

Scarbrough said that there is an expert on the project to make sure the clock mechanism is handled carefully. He even said the clock tower eagle will be removed and locked within a secure location.

“They’ll remove the speakers from the interior for the chimes and then the clock mechanism,” Scarbrough said. “They’ll actually, the base of it they will put an EPDM roof on top of the base to make it water tight.”

Scarbrough said the replacement cupola could be installed as early as the same day it is delivered.

“It should be either that day, depending on what time it gets here or the next day for sure,” Scarbrough said. “They should be able to get it all in place and it anchored down and secured. Then they’ll be doing a little more work on the inside.”

Scarbrough said the cupola will be an exact replica, made of weather resistant aluminum. Derryberry Hall is one of the oldest buildings on Tennessee Tech’s campus.