Sunday, July 21, 2019
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New Building Plan Would Address Overton School Needs

A new comprehensive building plan would help address several needs within the Overton County School system.

Director of Schools Mark Winningham said concerns vary from school to school.

“Each school kind of has its own individual concerns that need to be addressed,” Winningham said. “In some cases, it may be roofing, it may be issues with the flooring or structural issues. We’re trying to address those throughout the county, and with all of them, we’re trying to put some things in place as far as safety is concerned.”

Winningham said the comprehensive building plan would not only include schools but other resources as well.

“It also includes our maintenance building, our bus garage, and our football stadium,” Winningham said. “Each school has its own unique thing that would be included in the building program. Some schools they’re adding classrooms onto them. It just depends on the school.”

Overton County Building Committee members met with architects from Cope Architecture last week to discuss each school’s current needs.

Winningham said the district is currently in the early stages of developing their plan.

“We were just meeting the other night with the architectural firm that we’re working with, getting some preliminary ideas on what we can do,” Winningham said. “We’ve not even discussed anything with the County Commission yet, so it’s just preliminary.”

Early estimates show the total cost of all projects would be nearly $29 million.