Monday, October 2, 2023
Happening Now

New Access Road To Putnam Sports Complex Open To Public

The new county road that serves as an entrance to the Putnam County Sports Complex has been completed.

Parks and Recreation Director John Ross Albertson said the roadway on North Washington Avenue will be the main access point to new soccer fields.

“Next in the process is going to be us, our department, internally installing the irrigation system and get that up and running,” Albertson said. “Then, we will move forward with having the field sprigged with Bermuda next spring.”

Albertson said the new entrance takes drivers to the old airport runway to park. Albertson said the fields should be ready to play on next fall.

“Everything with Roger’s Group has been really good,” Albertson said. “They’ve been very responsive in trying to get things down and get the project moved on.”

Putnam County was awarded $333,500 for this project in 2018.