Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Monterey To Invest More Into Tourism Exposure In Tennessee Vacation Guide

Monterey will further invest in its tourism industry by paying for more exposure in the Tennessee Vacation Guide.

The Guide is a magazine and online publication that highlights tourism destinations across the state. Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said that previously they paid for a small feature of the depot in the physical magazine. He said that the cost will now cover a feature in “Destination Spotlight,” which will feature Monterey and six attractions in both the physical guide and the digital platform.

“We’ve paid advertising to be featured together with Baxter, and Algood,” Cleary said. “Which is great, I like that, but I think we need to start featuring ourselves and promoting ourselves doing things ourselves the way we want to do it. Not that it hasn’t been done right, but it’s time for us to really focus on Monterey.”

Cleary said that in addition to its other branding projects, investing the $5,000 cost will give Monterey a leg up in the state’s growing tourism industry.

“The state is dominating nation in tourism,” Cleary said. “There’s not doubt about that. The stats speak for themselves and to be able to featured on the state’s tourism website in a higher calibre than we’ve been doing. W’eve just been in print hte past several years so we’re going to be in print, we’re also going to be in digitial. It just makes sense for us to do that. On top of the new tourism website which should hopefully be done by Thanksgiving, that’s the goal, it just makes sense for us to do this.”

Cleary said that the publicaiton will send photographers and writers that will take the photos for the feature. He said that cost for the feature will decrease by some each year.

Alderman Nathan Walker asked if it private businesses were allowed to be featured as one of the six locations. Cleary said that to his understanding the locations are whatever the town wants.

The six locations will be picked at a later date.