Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Happening Now

Monterey To Address Leak At Meadow Creek Dam

Inspectors have located a small leak at the base of the dam at Monterey’s Meadow Creek Lake Park.

Mayor Bill Wiggins said the state has asked the city to address the problem.

“We’re under a directive to get that repaired because that could lead to some severe problems,” Wiggins said. “That’s sandstone down there and we know what water does when it washes over sandstone, so we’ve got to get that plugged.”

The board of aldermen voted Monday to let James C. Hailey & Company develop a solution for the oozing water. Monterey Water Treatment Plant Supervisor Duane Jarrett said the leak has occurred about four feet from the base of the dam.

“The water has started undercutting (the rock) and coming out,” Jarrett said. “It’s flowing pretty good now.”

Routine inspections take place the the dams on Hanging Limb Road and Meadow Creek Lake in Monterey. Wiggins said the inspection report for Meadow Creek Lake did not indicate any danger to the public, but noted that the leak needed to be fixed.