Saturday, August 17, 2019
Happening Now

Monterey Receives National Rock Climbing Grant

Monterey will construct new trails with a $4,000 rock climbing conservation grant.

Monterey grant writer Dawn Kupferer said the new trails will provide safe and legal access to the cliffs at Meadow Creek Park.

“Before, the climbing area wasn’t accessible through the park. It was accessible through landowners,” Kupferer said. “Now we can bring more climbers in and offer a wide variety of access to different levels of climbing.”

The Access Fund awarded the grant to Monterey and 10 other communities across the nation Monday. Kupferer said the organization helps promote and develop access to climbing on public and private land.

“This was a really competitive grant cycle,” Kupferer said. “It speaks volumes to the Access Fund and local climbing community that we all could come together and try to open up this area. Using our natural resources to help promote economic growth is great for everybody.”

Kupferer said the new trails will be built on land recently purchased by Monterey.