Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Monterey Police In Need Of Part-Time Officer

The Monterey Police Department is running ads and taking applications to try and staff a part-time officer position.

Police Chief Bill Randolph said the most difficult part of filling this position is finding someone certified to be an officer who wants to work part-time. Randolph said the need comes from having an officer who might end up on long-term disability, as well as the pandemic.

“I’ve got officers that are getting tested for COVID,” Randolph said. “When they’re off and ones that test positive and they have to take off, it really leaves me handicapped.”

Although the position being offered is part-time, Randolph said this could change. Randolph said graduating from the police officer training academy is the requirement to be a certified officer.

“It could be at some point in time, depending on this officer,” Randolph said. “It actually at some point in time, could turn into a full-time position.”

He said the Monterey Police Department currently has nine officers on staff. The Monterey Police Department is still taking applications for this position.