Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Happening Now

Monterey Farmer’s Market Accepting Vendor Applications

The spring season is nearing and that means the Monterey Farmer’s Market is accepting vendor applications.

Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said people interested can apply at the Monterey Depot Museum or by calling at (931)-839-2221.

“It’s just simple,” Cleary said. “It is your name, your farm address, what you are selling at the market,” Clearly said. “It can be vegetables. It can be crafts, because we are a craft vendor farmer’s market. Jams and Jellies and eggs. We have had some honey vendors. You just have to put what you are going to be selling at the market, and then we ask for an email address for contact purposes.”

Cleary said vendors from outside Putnam County are required to provide a letter from your local Ag Extension Agent for verification purposes. The Farmer’s Market is set to reopen March 27th. Clearly said an online application will become available some time before the opening.

“That seems really early to some folks, but I wanted to get the word out early, because it is my goal to grow the market even more,” Cleary said. “The ultimate goal here is to make Monterey’s Farmer’s Market a true destination for folks across the Upper Cumberland.”

About 30 vendors participated in the farmer’s market last year. Cleary said the public can expect farm tours, live music and crafting and cooking demonstrations included this year.

“There’s really not a deadline,” Cleary said. “I hope that we get as many folks interested in to paying a permit before that March 27th date. It is hard to put a deadline on it, because there are some folks that just show up on Saturday’s, and they don’t have a permit. So, I always give them that option to fill one out if they just show up and didn’t know a permit was required.”

State wide rules are in place for vendors through the Spring 2019 Farmer’s Market Compliance Guide. Cleary said he advises interested prospects to review those guidelines.