Thursday, May 28, 2020
Happening Now

Monterey Cultural Administrator Announces Retirement

Monterey Cultural Administrator Julie Bohannon has announced her retirement.

Mayor Bill Wiggins said he’s appreciative of Bohannon’s work ethic over the past six years.

“Julie has performed beyond expectations,” Wiggins said. “I’m not referring to her personal traits, but to the size and complications surrounding this particular endeavor. It (the position) was new in major respects, and she’s just done a ton of work in six short years.”

Bohannon began serving as cultural administrator in 2014 after the city decided to target quality of life as an essential component and driver of economic development. She helped the city with efforts to develop Meadow Creek Park, Bee Rock, and the town’s rail trail. In addition, she led several tourism development initiatives for the town of Monterey.

“She has indeed raised the bar for her successor,” Wiggins said. “Monterey is exceptionally better because she came our way.”

Bohannon’s retirement becomes effective March 1. Wiggins said the city’s Civil Service Board will select her replacement.

“The town of Monterey will advertise the position,” Wiggins said. “When the applicants have finished with their paper work and turned their information in, it will be transferred to the chair of the Civil Service Board. They will do the screening, interviewing, and ultimate hiring of her replacement.”

Wiggins said the advertising period will begin in the near future.