Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Monterey Attorney “Optimistic” That Ruling Closes Bee Rock Easement Dispute

Optimism- that a state court ruling this week will bring an end to the years-long dispute over Bee Rock’s entrance.

Attorney Danny Rader represents the town of Monterey in the case. According to Rader, the Garden Inn Owners have one last avenue that could be pursued.

“They can ask the Supreme Court to take the case,” Rader said. “The Supreme Court takes very few cases each year, and I would be very surprised if both the Garden Inn asks the Supreme Court, and I would be surprised if the Supreme Court would take the case.”

Rader said those in the Monterey party, “are pleased that this is over with.” The litigation has been ongoing for several years.

The State Court of Appeals denied the appeal of the Garden Inn’s owners. Michael and Mirtha Kopec challenged a lower court ruling that said there was a clear easement granted to the natural area.

Rader said the Kopecs argued that the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation, the original organization that received the easement, was a necessary party to the lawsuit. Rader said the state court ruled that the appeal was without merit.