Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Misused Public Money Remains Uncollected In UC

More than $12,000 in misused public money remains uncollected in two Upper Cumberland counties.

Fentress County’s unpaid balance of $9,684 stems from a 2014 investigation charging a former county library director with theft. Overton County’s $2,710 unpaid balance also stems from an investigation charging the former deputy director of the Millard Oakley Public Library with the same crime.

In each case, the defendants received probation and an order from a judge to pay restitution. Since that time, the former employees still owe a total of $12,394 to the county governments.

The Tennessee State Comptroller’s Office presented the finding in its annual Report of Cash Shortages in Tennessee’s 95-counties. The report found that county government cash shortages total $1,069,456 statewide.