Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Happening Now

Mike Mitchell Is Jackson County’s New Veterans Memorial Hall Curator

Jackson County’s Veterans Memorial Hall has found a new curator.

Mike Mitchell said he started work as a volunteer archivist. He said he felt the Veteran’s Memorial had been neglected, and he wanted to help fix it.

“So right now I’m trying to get it cleaned up and presentable and back into shape,” Mitchell said. “So once I do that, I want to make it as visible and as visited as possible.”

Mitchell said his first project is continuing one halted by the pandemic. He said he is working to fix a roof leak as well as resizing several pictures to hang on the wall.

Mitchell said he grew up in a military family, with both of his parents serving in the Navy. He said while he hasn’t served himself, this feels like a way to honor his family’s military background.

“This is sort of a tribute to them it’s something that I can keep up with and keep their honor going,” Mitchell said. “We have about 509 framed photos of veterans framed on the wall. Each and every one of them must be from Jackson County, so neither of my parents are eligible to go on the wall but a lot of people in this county are. And their service needs to be remembered, so it’s just out of respect for the military and what these guys have done.”

Mitchell said the hall is open every Tuesday. He said the archivist can let people in and tour, and that he is also available to provide a special guided tour.