Sunday, May 24, 2020
Happening Now

Michael Bloomberg Has Eyes Set In Tennessee

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has set up part of his campaign shop in Tennessee.

Tech Political Science Assistant Professor Dr. Lauren Harding said this is part of his unusual strategy.

“He’s making a huge push for the Super Tuesday states, and Tennessee is one of those,” Harding said. “This a really crazy, unprecedented campaign strategy to skip the contest that the rest of the candidates are focusing on in order to move forward and look ahead to this Super Tuesday state.”

Bloomberg entered the presidential race in November and created a campaign structure in Tennessee in December. Harding says he has at least seven staffers and has spent over $100,000 on ads in the Volunteer State.

Harding says a reason why Bloomberg has chosen Tennessee is because our state has slowly turned more moderate.

“We have seen some growth in Democratic support although it is still a pretty red state. Bloomberg himself used to be a Republican,” Harding said. “I believe that he sees the opportunity to build on the growing purple nature of Tennessee.”

Tennessee has often been neglected during the primaries by Democrats.

Part of his strategy is increased spending. So far Bloomberg has spent over $150 million for his campaign, outspending the other candidates in the shortest amount of time. Harding said if he achieves the nomination he will have outspent Trump five to one.