Monday, November 23, 2020
Happening Now

McMinnville Opens City Hall and Police Department in Downtown

McMinnville has opened its City Hall and Police Department all in one location on East Main Street.

Mayor Ben Newman said nearly everything residents need will be available on the first floor and the outside teller window. Newman said with moving, the people using city hall, the police department and city court will benefit McMinnville’s downtown.

“Hopefully they’ll do some shopping, maybe some eating and things like that,” Newman said. “It’s a win-win all around, win for the city, win for the citizens and a win for the businesses that surround the downtown area.”

Newman said having a centralized location will increase the city’s efficiency. Newman said everything is up and running, and only minor adjustments are expected.

“Just a few little things here and there,” Newman said. “To just move around and make sure we have it tweaked just right on how we need to do it.”

Newman said there will be temperature checks and a mask requirement to come into the lobby. Newman said the decision to move the police department into the third floor of city hall avoided a $4 million dollar price tag for a new building.