Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

McMinnville FD Pursuing Grant To Expand Swift Water Rescue Service

The McMinnville Fire Department is pursuing a grant to help upgrade its swift water rescue services.

Chief Kendall Mayfield said that the grant could be up to some $250,000. He said it will help the department get equipment and training.

“Right now the rescue squad is doing it and it takes them 30 minutes or longer to come and get the equipment and then go,” Mayfield said. “So then we can be here and send a team out within five to 10 minutes of the call and try to get on top of it.”

Mayfield said that the grant will be a great help to the department. He said that they average about 10 to 12 regular water rescues a year, and hope that expanding the water rescue team can help better their service in the community.

Mayfield said that they were not given a deadline to hear back on the grant, but are hopeful for some time mid-spring.